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No more standing in queue’s, submitting the wrong documents with the wrong info. Our team ensures everything that you need is there for you, we double check everything and even deliver/collect the passport to and from the traveller.

No more hassle or fuss, everything right the first time.

vip club class

VIP Club Class is a service that offers the ultimate in personal consular support.You will be allocated a dedicated VIP consultant to manage and deliver your urgent application.

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We offer a full range of services to the passport office. Passport renewals, second passports, replacement passports can all be obtained by VisaSwift. Check out the latest advice on passport photographs from the UK Passport Service .

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Embassy & Visa News

Recruitment at Visa Swift.
We are looking to recruit experienced visa processors here at Visa Swift.Please phone 0207 025 4741 for more information.
Ebola Alert
BA has cancelled flights to Sierra Leone and Liberia in the wake of the Ebola outbreak. Other airlines may follow suit to these countries and other affected areas. We will keep you updated as and when we are informed.
Visa Swift now offer an online form filling service for Nigeria at an additional cost of £20.00. Please contact for more information
An ETA(Electronic Travel Authority)is required in order to travel to Turkey. Visa Swift can apply on your behalf. Please contact if you require more information.
Application Cancellations
If an application gets cancelled after Visa Swift has begun the administration process then there will be a charge of 25% of the procurement charge for whatever embassy that application was intended for.
Checking applications by email.
Visa Swift can check your application by email before you send it in and avoid delays in your travel plans through errors or missing documentation. The cost of this service is £15.00 plus VAT. Please contact Visa Swift for more information. If you have filled it out incorrectly or do not have the correct documentation we can save valuable time
VIP Club Class
For a high touch white glove service to the visa procurement experience, please click the VIP Club Class icon.
Return Of Passports
Visa Swift must be informed of any change of delivery address or delivery method before 4pm on the day of despatch.
The cut off time for applications to the Pakistan Processing Centre is 16.30pm on the day before lodging. Visa Swift lodges at the Pakistan Processing Centre Monday to Friday.
Urgent Lodgings
If your application or extra documents arrives with us after 08.30am on a particular day yet you wish us to submit it for lodging because of a flight deadline, we can assist with a special courier to attempt to lodge on your behalf for a charge of £50.00 plus vat.Please contact us for details.
Online Form fill service
Visa Swift can assist with online form filling for an additional charge of £20.00. Please contact us for more information.
India Work Permit
Visa Swift can assist with Work Permit visas to India. Please follow our website for more details.
French Schengen Visas
Visa Swift can assist in processing Schengen visas through the French application centre. Please contact Team 1 at Visa Swift for more information.
Bangladesh Emails
The Embassy of Bangladesh has had their server hacked. Bogus emails are being sent out informing people who have had visas already that they have a problem and that their application has been rejected. If you receive one of these emails please ignore it.
Telex Services for Kazakhstan,Azerbaijan and Russian translations.
Visa Swift can offer Telex Support for Russia, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan. We can also assist with Russian Translations. For more information please contact our office.
Visa Swift Express P O Box
Visa Swift have a special PO Box for urgent applications that need to be lodged on the day they are recieved. Please see the ’Contact Us’ section for full details.
Chinese District Restrictions
The Chinese Consulate General in Manchester have instructed that applicants who live or work in the following consular districts should apply through Manchester - Derbyshire, Durham , Greater Manchester, Lancashire, Merseyside, Yorkshire, South Yorkshire, West Yorkshire and Tyne and Wear. Applicants who live or work in the consular districts of Scotland and Northern Ireland should apply for visas through the Chinese Consulate General in Edinburgh.
The Russian embassy will only accept their online application forms.Please click ’Russia’ in our embassy websites section for details.The Visa Swift cut off time for applications that need next day lodging is 4pm.The cut off for Telex applications is 10.00am at the processing center.
Normal Service takes four days and Express service takes three days. All applications need to be lodged before 11am. Please note that the embassy will no longer consider the withdrawal of an application once it has been lodged.
INDIA SAME DAY:Please ask Team 1 for a quote if you require your visa to be returned on the same day as lodging. The size for photographs when applying for a visa to India is 50mm x 50mm. INDIA PHOTOGRAPH SERVICE: Visa Swift can adjust your normal passport size photographs to the correct size for an for a charge of £25.00. Please phone for details. We lodge at India five days a week. We operate a cut off time of 4.30pm for all Indian visa applications to be lodged the following day.

Travel Warnings

The British Foreign & Commonwealth Office has issued travel warnings for the following countries:
Afghanistan  Albania  
Algeria  Angola  
Azerbaijan  Bangladesh  
Burundi  Cameroon  
Central African Republic  Chad  
Colombia  Comoros  
Congo  Congo, Democratic Republic  
Cote D’Ivoire  Djibouti  
Ecuador  Eritrea  
Ethiopia  Georgia  
Guatamala  Guinea  
Guinea  India  
Indonesia  Iran  
Iraq  Israel  
Kenya  Lebanon  
Liberia  Libya  
Mali  Niger  
Nigeria  Pakistan  
Philippines  Russia  
Rwanda  Somalia  
Sri Lanka  Sudan  
Thailand  Uganda  
Uzbekistan  Yemen  

Please check with VisaSwift or the relevant embassy for more information.
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